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Admiring of modern tendency in building is up to eye of beholder

Architecture is sort of creative special-effect mechanism that taken you aback with breathtaking beauty and mysterious construction process. It could be noticed in all sized and shapes worldwide, from ashtray to urban planning. The common between these two kind of things is challenges the supposition concerning agreement of area. The vast majority of building companies keep up with recent development and could provide help with the craziest idea that comes to your mind. The most prominent British building services company – Piggott and Whitfield. It features following favors like project management, building and design, mechanical and electrical services, intelligent solutions, construction, fits-out etc.

Many of other, similar to previous mentioned, building services company have a tendency to create extraordinary, luxurious and gorgeous buildings. The bright example of them is exhibition pavilion that was built in honor of Swiss Expo 2012 that is founded near Geneva. The thing is that initial building material of this masterpiece is water. You could not find there roof or walls, only just the bulk of atomized water. Looks quite strange, doesn’t it? However in the era of globalization and computer progress, the architecture field is also in need of weird ideas and have voracious appetite for something that inspiring and out of the ordinary. Swiss Expo pavilion is considered to be the best known and most photographed place around the world. It demonstrates how modern high technologies could change our vision and understanding of possible architecture oddity.

Without a doubt, now you wonder, how does such building exist and actually for what purposes? The point is in pumping the water from lake, filtering and shooting in as a transparent mist. By the way, there is a station that checks not only the shifting conditions of damp, dew point, temperature, the direction and speed of wind and so long. These indicators processes data in the central computer and regulate measure and pressure of water and entirely distribution of it. Covering the area in size like football field and capture the area of 300 feet wide, it makes an impression of fascinating and stunning piece of art that you virtually haven’t seen before.

The feature that makes it so special is eccentricity. The problem is that most of the people accustom to normal space, however this future building is, in fact, blur. It is formeless, scareless, purposeless, dimessionless and depthless. Moreover, creating such architecture becomes a mainstream. For instance, The Institute of the Contemporary Art is situated in Boston’s waterfront or completely glassed elevator in size of New York studio apartment. On one hand, you could consider such installations kind of madness. On the other hand, the major point of them is close connection with the nature. The Institute of Contemporary Art gives you a golden opportunity to observe masterpieces in natural light rather than in artificial. Panoramic view of Atlantic Ocean and its tides could also help to be fully absorbed in art atmosphere. As far as huge lifts go, they could give you the feeling of flight through the coming light and air on all sides.