The industrial-scale use of ultrasonic cleaning equipment: the technology in action


Under the influence of ultrasound of a certain intensity cavitation occurs in the liquid (occurrence and further explosion of huge number of microscopic bubbles). With the explosion of bubbles on the surface of some object immersed in the treatment solution, an enormous amount energy is released at the micro level, that leads to rapid separation of different impurities. This technology allows achieving a high degree of purification and is implemented by means of ultrasonic baths with embedded or immersed emitters. The use of ultrasound in some cases eliminates the use of chemically aggressive and environmentally harmful solutions.

The serial production largely utilises complex ultrasound washing equipment. An average system consists of nodes mounted on the modular principle, the use of which provides a broad range of technological capabilities. The nodes are combined into a mechanised or automated line of surface cleaning products after manufacturing operations. The complex is generally composed of an ultrasonic bath for cleaning, rinsing bath to finalise washing, drying chamber for transportation of clean products, automatic control and management panels.

For continuous precision cleaning of rolled products (wire, sheet, wire) a specialised ultrasonic line can be used. Cleaning and rinsing modules are fed with the washing solution and along with washing an imposition of high-power ultrasonic vibrations takes place. After washing an object is moved to a drying chamber. At the exit line, if necessary, heating of the product prior to coating, can be initiated. The line is built directly at the exit of the rolling equipment, or put to a separate production area and equipped with their own supply arrangements.

Cleaning of metal pipes from various manufacturing and operational pollution by using two sets of ultrasonic tools equipped with two channels for supplying a washing solution. Purification of the outer surface is carried out with magnetostrictive transducer from mechanical acoustical transformer of appropriate design and reflective plate on the opposite side of the pipe. Cleaning the insides of the pipe is implemented by a shell composed of an ultrasonic transmitter and an acoustic transformer converting the vibrations of the front end of the radiator into radial ones. The feed mechanism allows movement of the pipe through the nodes of cleaning the external and internal surfaces at a speed which provides the desired level of purification. At the inlet an induction heater can be installed for softening the oil and wax deposition.

To maintain cost savings and environmental procession improvement such systems can carry a variety of filtration systems and regeneration of process solutions. To supply washing modules with distilled water an industrial distiller can be used. With the advent of the technology and emergence of such innovating companies as Hilsonic, focusing on ultrasonic cleaner equipment manufacturing, the cost-efficiency of the cleaning method is pushing the use of ultrasonic cleaning equipment closer to medium and small enterprises; an obvious economical feasibility is confirmed by leasing opportunities manufacturers have started to offer.

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Intellectual Property & Infringing Material Impact In Numbers


Intellectual property experts are analyzing the sales of various levels of intellectual products to assess the impact on them of infringing material. One of the comprehensive reports shared on UMIP website, the branch of University of Manchester, concentrating its efforts on intellectual property management, gives quality insights on the dynamics of impact of infringing material. So what is it all about?

So the research claims that:

  • The average income of the music industry, despite the actions of pirates and serious losses of individual companies continues to rise – in 2009 by 5% compared to 2008, and by 14% in 2013; primarily due to the live performances, the growth of international licensing and some stabilisation in the market of recording;
  • Sales in the publishing business either grow or maintain their performance during the 2004-2013 period;
  • Video sector also keeps a stable level of income, and seems to get recovered after the recession in Europe and North America.

Nevertheless, the researchers recorded the reduction in funding new projects in the creative sectors of the economy. Most often, it raises concerns about the possible impact of piracy on the future earnings and investments. Although well established that violations of intellectual property rights is not so devastating impact on economic performance, as it is sometimes portrayed. Continue Reading


The two crucial website components small businesses forget to take care of


The most basic things are the things that we tend to lose sight of so often. When you are making your first steps in making conversion-driven designs, keep in mind that the site or web should not only be be visually appealing, but also have a user-friendly interface and clear structure that allow visitors quickly and easily navigate the content, as well as get acquainted with the activities of your company. Remember the ‘rule of three clicks’, assuming that the user has to find any desired information in no more than 3 clicks. Otherwise the risks a visitor can lose patience and leave the site increase. Here’s the selection of the most frequently missed crucial components according to the research of, a prominent digital marketing Manchester company. The experts from B2B digital marketing agency have analyzed 5,000+ small business websites that have been launched during the last 6 months in the UK and figured out the 2 most commonly missed in design st.

The absence of About Us page

About page, as the Americans call this page – one of the most important elements of your representation in the Internet. If you have ever seen website heat map analysis, you may have noticed that About Us tab is usually one of the hottest points. This page tells the story of your business and typically describes the advantage of your company. About page also allows you to build a close and trusting relationship with your website visitors, so you should do your best to put some professional photos and at least a short biography.This will help you get closer to visitors and enhance their trust to you. Pay full attention to this page and do not skimp on it because it is highly likely to be the starting point of your customers’ journey around your site. A comprehensive About Us page potentially reduces the indecision before the first purchase of new customers.


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